Grays Harbor Community Hospital Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) in Aberdeen, Washington

Position Summary: Perform patient intake/discharge duties, including taking patient vital signs and prepping treatment rooms. Apply and remove dressings, clean and measure wounds per physician orders; document all findings; stock supply carts and stock room items. Schedule patients as necessary; answer phone calls as necessary; file documents in patient charts on daily basis. Perform patient data entry duties as necessary. Do patient appointment reminder calls. Process Pre-authorizations and follow up with Home Health Nurses via phone and fax. Perform other duties as assigned. Job Requirements: Current Washington LPN. Prefer six months experience in a medical setting; Lift 25 pounds from floor to waist; lift 5 pounds over head; pull 50 pounds from stretcher to bed; push 250 pound loaded wheelchair 1,000 feet; push 150 pound leaded stretcher 300 feet. Flexibility: kneeling, stooping, crouching, crawling, squatting, climb onto stretcher. Meet specific criteria for individual clinical unit. 40 hrs wk/ 80 hrs pay period Flex start times as needed due to patient needs